Pressure Ulcer Awareness Day is November 16, 2012

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel has declared that November 16 is Pressure Ulcer Awareness Day.  Health Care Professionals in the US and other countries worldwide are working to increase the awareness of pressure ulcer risk, methods to prevent pressure ulcers and the cost in treating these wounds.

NPUAP is asking all health care professionals and health care organizations to declare November 16th as a day to increase awareness through flyers, posters and messages in public media. “Over 2.5 million US residents develop pressure ulcers every year” says Dr. Aimée Garcia, NPUAP President. She adds “There are more patients who develop pressure ulcers than who develop cancer every year. The impact of pressure ulcers on the patient, the providers who try to prevent these wounds and the payers for health care has been underestimated for years.”

To view the Pressure Ulcer Awareness Day Proclamation please click HERE.