Attorneys Agree: NPUAP’s New Staging System Does Not “Wound” Providers

Washington, D.C. [January 26, 2017] – In a recent article in The National Law Review by Michael Denning and Jessica Klaus of Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C., the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel’s (NPUAP) new 2016 Pressure Injury Staging System is celebrated as “a much needed clarification for medical professionals.”

The authors explain, “It is important that providers of pressure injury treatment take note of these recent changes and incorporate the new terminology and staging system into their diagnoses and treatment moving forward.” As Denning and Klaus note, the new staging system has been updated to provide health care providers and professionals with a “clarifying staging system to better address the different types of skin wounds commonly seen by medical professionals.”

Created by leading scientific experts on pressure injuries, the new 2016 Pressure Injury Staging System will lead to more accurate and earlier diagnosis of pressure injuries, allow for more appropriate patient care, and decrease patient suffering. Widespread adoption of the new staging system will benefit medical and legal professionals alike, and the individuals they serve.

The decision to research and produce a new staging system was motivated by NPUAP’s deeply held belief that medical organizations must remain vigilant with analyzing and incorporating the latest in science into their systems. NPUAP’s Biennial Conference, which takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 10-11, 2017, will provide a forum for scientific discussion on the latest advancements in pressure injury treatment and diagnosis. The two-track conference will focus on skin changes at end of life, case study presentations, implementation of the 2016 Staging System and quality measures.

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