Research Committee


Identify and implement strategies for addressing gaps in the state of the science in pressure ulcer prevention, treatment, education and to disseminate the results of [evidence-based] research applicable to the etiology, prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

Strategic Goals

  1. Maintain critical analysis of the research literature in the area of pressure injuries for the purpose of identifying a) areas with sufficient evidences to be disseminated, b) gaps in knowledge, and c) areas in need of further research.
  2. Continue strategic research production in the area of support surface evaluation for the purposes of influencing standards and enabling comparative effectiveness research.
  3. Collaborate with Education and Public policy committees so that cutting edge research becomes the primary driver by which we influence policy and clinician education.

A part of the Research Committee, the NPUAP Support Surface Standards Initiative (S3I) is designated by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) Technical Standards Board as the designated standards committee responsible for producing standard test methodologies for support surfaces in the United States. NPUAP is excited to report current progress on standards development.  Four standards have been approved. These standards are available through ANSI and a link to that website is found below under RESOURCES.  Currently a number of additional standards are in the draft process and will be available upon approval.   Each of these test methods evaluates a specific performance characteristic and do not individually determine a support surface’s efficacy in maintaining tissue integrity.


  • Research Committee Co-Chair: Barbara Delmore, PhD, RN, CWCN, MAPWCA, IIWCC-NYU
  • Research Committee Co-Chair: Ann N. Tescher, PhD, RN, CNS
  • S3I Co-Chair: David Brienza, PhD
  • S3I Co-Chair: Kristen Thurman, PT, CWS
  • S3I Secretary: Rosalyn Jordan, RN, BSN, MSc

Recent Accomplishments

NPUAP’s Support Surface Standards Initiative (S3I), is very pleased to announce the approval of the revision of the Standards for testing Support Surfaces to the American National Standards Institute / Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (ANSI/RESNA) originally released in 2014.  This test method joins the Terms and Definitions document already produced as “standard terms” for the industry.


Click here to purchase standards from ANSI

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