Pressure Ulcer Category/Staging Illustrations

The NPUAP has developed illustrations of the categories/stages of pressure ulcers (Category/Stage I-IV, suspected deep tissue injury, unstageable). These illustrations can be downloaded from the NPUAP website directly to your computer at no cost, if for educational purposes. There is also a normal skin illustration for reference. NPUAP updated the categories/ stages of pressure ulcers in 2007 and these category/stages are commonly cited in references and in lectures. NPUAP will further revise these slides so please check back.

There is no cost to use these illustrations; however donations to support the work of NPUAP are graciously accepted.  For profit uses of the drawings are subject to a charge, please contact Jen Bank for more information.

**Use of drawings is permitted for educational purposes only.

The use of NPUAP material does not imply endorsement of products or programs associated with the use of the material.

NPUAP Free Resource Category/Staging Illustrations: