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Buttocks, Stage 2, Darkly Pigmented Skin

Buttocks, Stage 2, Darkly Pigmented Skin
Buttocks, Stage 2, Darkly Pigmented Skin
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Heel and Ankle, Unstageable with DTI
Toe, Stage 3
MDS 3.0 Sections K & M: What are the Requirements for Long Term Care?
Heel and Ankle, Unstageable with DTI Toe, Stage 3 MDS 3.0 Sections K & M: What are the Requirements for Long Term Care?
Vertebrae, Unstageable
Foot, DTI
Heel Unstageable, Unstable Eschar
Vertebrae, Unstageable Foot, DTI Heel Unstageable, Unstable Eschar
Determining Incidence and Prevalence Rates of Pressure Ulcers
Eschar of the Left Hip with Granulation and Undermining
Heel, DTI
Determining Incidence and Prevalence Rates of Pressure Ulcers Eschar of the Left Hip with Granulation and Undermining Heel, DTI

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