The Kosiak Award was designed to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the prevention and/or management of pressure ulcers through their leadership in the areas of research, education and/or patient care.  The award is named in honor of Dr. Michael Kosiak for his classic, original contributions on the etiology of pressure ulcers.

2015 Kosiak Award Winner:

Diane Langemo, PhD, RN FAAN
University of North Dakota

Past recipients of the Kosiak Award have been:

2013: Laura Edsberg PhD and Mary Ellen Posthauer, RD, CD,LD
2011: Janet Cuddigan, PhD, RN, CWCN
2009: Sharon Baranowski, RN, MSN, CWCN, APN, FAAN
2007: Elizabeth Ayello, RN, PhD
2005: George T. Rodeheaver, PhD
2003: Richard M. Allman, MD
2001: JoAnn Maklebust, MSN, RN, CS, CNP
1999: Barbara Braden, PhD, RN, FAAN
1997: Roberta S. Abruzzese, PhD, RN, FAAN
1995: Martin C. Robson, MD
1993: Thomas Krouskop, PhD
1991: Nancy Bergstrom, PhD, RN, FAAN 

Thomas Stewart Founder’s Award

The Thomas Stewart Founder’s Award was created to honor an individual who has also made significant contributions in the area of pressure ulcer prevents and treatment, especially in the areas of public policy.  The work of NPUAP in the area of public policy has long been one of this organization’s major thrusts.

2015 Thomas Stewart Founder’s Award Winner:

Joyce Black, PhD, RN, CWCN, FAAN

Past recipients of the Thomas Stewart Founder’s Award have been:

2011: MDS 3.0 Team
2009: Joseph A. Rolley
2007: Courtlney Lyder, ND, NP, FAAN
2005: Beverly Cullen
2003: Thomas Stewart 

President’s Recognition Award

In recognition of her significant contributions to the NPUAP and to the development of the International Guideline for Prevention & Treatment of Pressure Ulcers.

Janet Cuddigan, PhD, RN, CWCN, FAAN
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Past recipients of the President’s Recognition Award have been:

2013: Barbara Pieper, PhD, RN, CWOCN, ACNS-BC, FAAN

2015 Poster Award Winners

New Investigator Award: #41 Prevention and Staging of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Nurses’ Knowledge in the Community Hospital Setting
 Cindy Barefield, BSN, RN-BC, CWOCN, Kathy Arthurs MSN, RN-BC, RNC-OB, Lenora Chao PT, DPT, CWS

Contribution to the Field Award: #33 Pressure Mapping of Hospital Recliners and Select Seating Surfaces in Healthy Adults 
Authors: Stephanie Slayton, PT, DPT, CWS, Paula Morris, PT, DPT, Jason Brinkley, PhD

First Time Presenter: #39 The Efficacy of Goodmark Medical’s Solution Using the BAM Labs® Smart Bed Technology™ in the prevention of Pressure Ulcers
Authors: Jeff A. Beaty, D.H.Ed., Timothy Sauer, Ph.D.

Roberta Abruzzese Award

The Roberta Abruzzese Award was designed provide travel funds to a student showing interest and promise in the field of pressure ulcer research, treatment and prevention or education.  This award is named in honor of Dr. Roberta Abruzzese for her vision, leadership and support in promoting educational endeavors in relation to pressure ulcer management.  This award is sponsored by Stryker.

2013 Roberta Abruzzese Winner:

Shilpa Krishnan
University of Pittsburgh

Lifetime Achievement Award

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of NPUAP.  In recognition of her signification contributions to founding of NPUAP and to preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

JoAnn Maklebust, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, AOCN, FAAN