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Pressure Ulcer Category/Staging Illustrations

The NPUAP has developed illustrations of the categories/stages of pressure ulcers (Category/Stage I-IV, suspected deep tissue injury, unstageable). These illustrations can be downloaded from the NPUAP website directly to your computer at no cost, if for educational purposes. There is also a normal skin illustration for reference. NPUAP updated the categories/ stages of pressure ulcers in 2007 and these category/stages are commonly cited in references and in lectures. NPUAP will further revise these slides so please check back. There is … Read More…

NPUAP Announces Release of Newly Developed Cartilage Position Statement

NPUAP has a new position statement entitled Pressure Ulcers with Exposed Cartilage are Stage IV Pressure Ulcers. In this position statement, staging for ulcers absent of soft tissue, such as skin over cartilage, is examined. To read this position statement in its entirety please go to: .

NPUAP Pressure Ulcer Stages/Categories

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel redefined the definition of a pressure ulcer and the stages of pressure ulcers in 2007, including the original 4 stages and adding 2 stages on deep tissue injury and unstageable pressure ulcers. This work was the culmination of over 5 years of work beginning with the identification of deep tissue injury in 2001. The staging system was defined by Shea in 1975 and provides a name to the amount of anatomical tissue loss. The original definitions were confusing … Read More…

Pressure Ulcer Treatment Strategies: A Comparative Effectiveness Review

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) would like to commend AHRQ for the enormous undertaking of synthesizing available information regarding the treatment of pressure ulcers (PU). In particular, the sources for information were broader than are usually undertaken including soliciting unpublished information from stakeholders. The population of patients with pressure ulcers is very diverse; unlike renal failure or congestive heart failure, there are no reliable lab tests for skin failure and the outcome of a treatment for any individual is also dependent on multiple co-morbidities. The difficulty of … Read More…

Webinars (Archived Also Available)

2014 NPUAP Webinars Hot Pressure Ulcer Topics: Chair Cushion Selection, Heel Ulcer Prevention & Safe Handling Equipment December 6, 2014 Presenters: Joyce Black, PhD, RN & Michelle Deppisch, PT, CWS, FACCWS Chair cushion selection includes a basic understanding of the pressure redistribution capability of the product and matching that to the patient’s level of mobility independence to achieve best fit and prevent shear and friction. The heel is the second most common site pressure ulcer site. Understanding the anatomy can … Read More…

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Points

  Pressure Ulcer Prevention Points Risk Assessment Skin Care Nutrition Mechanical Loading and Support Surfaces Education A full PDF file with this information can be found here I. Risk Assessment 1. Consider all bed-bound and chair-bound persons, or those whose ability to reposition is impaired, to be at risk for pressure ulcers. 2. Use a valid, reliable and age appropriate method of risk assessment that ensures systematic evaluation of individual risk factors. 3. Assess all at-risk patients/residents at the time of admission to health care facilities, at regular intervals thereafter and with a change in condition. A … Read More…

Position Statements

An NPUAP position statement is a concise document that recaps a topic or delineates the NPUAP’s opinion on a specific issue. It will usually be single topic focused. In counter-distinction to a position paper it will be brief, timely and directed at the current medical/legislative/political landscape. Questions and concerns should be directed to the lead author or the Public Policy Committee Pressure Ulcers with Exposed Cartilage Are Stage IV Pressure Ulcers Staging Pressure Ulcers Mucosal Pressure Ulcers Reverse Staging

Educational and Clinical Resources

Are you searching for the latest educational products on pressure ulcers and support surfaces to enhance your staff development program? Does your professional reference library include current evidence –based products including pressure ulcer guidelines, illustration and images? Our Education and Clinical Resources provides clinicians publications, continuing education programs, professional slides set plus an extensive image library and more! NEW!!! 2014 Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guideline NPUAP Pressure Ulcer Stages/Categories Pressure Ulcer Category/Staging Illustrations PUSH Tool Webinars (archived also available) Image Library Best Practices for Prevention of Medical Device-Related Pressure Ulcers Posters Nursing Curriculum Pressure Ulcer Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Template NPUAP Selected “Quality of Care” Regulations Made Easy Understanding Types of Research Support Surfaces Terms and Definitions Shear Force Slide Set Minimum Data Set 3.0 (MDS 3.0) Pressure Ulcer Prevention Points Treatment and Prevention Slide Sets  


In this RESOURCES section, you will find information on Educational and Clinical Resources, Research References, and NPUAP White Paper and Position Statements. Educational and Clinical Resources include a sample pressure ulcer nursing curriculum; NPUAP Prevention and Treatment slide sets for purchase; support surface terms and definitions; staging/category definitions and illustrations; a slide set on shear forces; NPUAP-EPUAP International Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Guidelines with a free Quick Reference Guide download; information on the NPUAP 2012 Prevalence & Incidence Monograph; the PUSH Tool; and … Read More…

Winter 2006 Newsletter

In this issue… Page 2 Staging Task Force Page 3 Medline Industries Page 3 Support Surface Standards Initiative Update Please click HERE to view the Winter 2006 newsletter.